Friday, January 27, 2012

Cage Shoes: So! Fab
Lace Shorts: SOUL
Bag & Accessories: Parfois
photos by Rap Meting

I've always disliked orange considering how difficult such color is in terms of mixing and matching. Ironic, but recently I discovered a new found love for it! Enemies turned friends, best way to put it. 

 As you can see I stuck to warm colors--orange bag and maroon cage shoes--in this ensemble. But I softened it a bit with the help of my neutral colored shorts and sheer top, except the orange prints of course cause it's no way near neutral. (Cheys, seriously? HAHA) Forgive me. My mind isn't working well. I dont know what to write! Im just dead tired from school! HUHU :(

One tip I can share to you guys is to use neutrals whenever youre unsure.
This might be a little embarrassing but I have this quote which I made not so long ago:
"When in doubt, just 'neutralize'!"
HAHA CORNY? WTH! :)) But true, that saved me from a lot of fashion disasters!
 I couldnt stop laughing at myself now. This post is going nowhere but the road of senselessness. I better cut it here!
Getting some food first with hopes of fueling my brain even just a bit! haha :))

Anyway, how was your day guys? :)


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