Saturday, March 31, 2012
It eventually came to life.
Eatouts with people I love
my most favorite shade (had it done in Butter)
paper swans
coffee w/cousins
parking lot madness with Aidx
Stash's shoot with Aidx

So it has been nearly a month since my last wordy blog post. Life was unexceptionally busy--floor & ceiling plans to finish, exams to pass, series of shoots to conquer, friends to catch up with, clothes to sort and luggages to fill. 
All these demanded time, yet time I had didn't seem enough. Spent days losing my mind, wishing to be in two places at once. Forced to get everything done and I succeeded. Well not really, 2 more plates to finish. But agony's almost over. My summer indeed is coming.

This 2-month break from school and the Metro was nothing expected.  Sadly we do not have summer breaks. The usual 2-semester/yr program that I got used to is nothing compared to the taxing 4-semester/year program my school follows. The original plan was a week vacation in Davao, then head back to Manila to take more classes.  But one random night, days before my flight, I was on the phone with my mom. Usual conversation about academics and life was shared. Nothing extraordinary, until the idea of a getaway crossed my mind. I asked if a time-off from the hectic, manic, crazy, fast-paced life in Manila was possible..she then said it was. 
I was elated. 2-month vacation meant more time to focus on the things I've been wanting to do: opening my clothing line, spending more days with the ones I love and getting back to blogging more reflection posts to name a few.
 I couldn't be happier. I was grateful she understood. 

The normal 20-kg luggage suddenly became too small. Packed months worth of clothing, finished everything needed done and headed to the place where my heart was left...
I'm finally home.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Screenshots of photos I uploaded on Walk With Cheys.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Items I received this week :) 

1st photo: boots & corset from Romwe (most awaited package)
2nd: accessories from Nikita
3rd: summer heels from Parisian
4th: Tops & wedges from Wholesale-dress
5th: shoes my Aunt gave 


A video teaser of the interview and shoot we had for Punch Drunk Panda :) 
(see the skimmers I designed for PDP here)

Punch Drunk Panda x Heima's Anteroom Sessions 2 is coming up real soon!
On the 31st, our webisodes for PDP will be launched and so as the skimmers we designed for the brand! 

So why dont you join everybody this Saturday and shop Philippine-made items while 
listening to local indie music and watching different webisodes? It'll be a great and different way to spend your typical weekend! :D
(see more about the gig here)



Photos by Edric Chen

And then again, only he can capture that exemplary moment at the right second, at the right time.
"This moment is once in a lifetime. There’s just no other way to put it. The moment someone attempts to remake it, it just won’t be as good as the first time.Only remarkable events, whether good or bad, become memories. Dull moments do not warrant remembrance. A memory is an impression that affects today."-- Edric Chen


Monday, March 26, 2012
Silk Blazer: Soul
Fringe Bag: Topshop
Dress: Gift from my brother
Boots: Thrifted
Photos by Hannah & Haemi

I thought this floral dress was too girly so I made it masculine with the help of a tuxedo-like blazer and lace-up boots.
I then used the woven fringe bag to add a hippie feel to the whole look :)
Quick transformation, eh? :)



A skateboarder’s crowning glory, Converse Philippines is set to bring to the country the Asia’s biggest skateboarding 
event dubbed as the Asia Crown on March 31 at the TriNoma Mindanao open parking.

Catering to the best skateboarders around the Metro, the Asia Crown aims to give Filipino skateboarders the chance to show off their dope moves on the board and compete with the best of the best skateboarders across the country.
Open to all, free of charge, the Asia Crown will be a day-long celebration of physical recreation, while fusing music and the arts, while reinforcing Converse Philippines’ position as a key proponent of the global sport that is skateboarding, 
To catch more news and updates, check Converse Philippines Official Facebook page and drop by www.converse.com.ph
Registration forms are also available for download at the Converse Philippines’ FB Page under Converse Asia Crown event tab and in stores nationwide :)


Sunday, March 25, 2012
"Candid" lol
I shall name it the wonder bag. Everything fitted inside--my camera, make-up kit, jacket, organizer, wallet etc.
 Pink Bag & Shoes: Zalora
Shorts & Ring: Romwe
Denim Polo: Levi's
photos: Rap Meting


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just got home from a photoshoot with Parisian and in a few hours I will be on the plane to Davao. Finally. 
I will be staying there for summer, so this week I made sure I completed everything written on my to-do list. 
Visited various grooming shops in Manila had these done:
1. Eyelash Extension (Beauty & Butter)
2. Brow Grooming (Brow Haus)
2. Oleo Curl Treatment for my dry wavy hair

Apologies for the low-res photos. It was taken using my laptop :D


Friday, March 23, 2012

It was just 2 weeks ago when I was flown to Cebu for a shoot with Island Girl.
 As someone who admires and believes in native/locally-made pieces, I was very much grateful to be wearing the brand, even more when I found out I will be the face of their Summer 2012 campaign!

My 2-day stay was a whole new experience. At first, I expected the usual--countless outfit changes, endless photoshoot and everything work-related--but little did I know I was bound for something more. 
 I tried a few things which I was (still am) not used to, playing the guitar and riding a bike (as you can see I was struggling lol) to name a few.
The video showed a side of me most of you have not seen yet. The quirky, cranky and bubbly side of Cheys. hehe! And it also sums up the day spent with the Island Girl team, which was filled with laughter, giggles and sweat! lol

Have fun watching! :D


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today (March 22 '12) Levi’s® will be celebrating the World Water Day. 

It is an environment-consciousness effort of Levi’s® to preserve our planet by conserving water and a global campaign where there’ll be a massive awareness to promote wearing pants more and washing them less. Through this, Levi’s® is hoping that its actions will have a positive impact on the planet and support water organizations around the world.

In celebration for such the Levi's World Water Day, they will be giving away a pair of jeans to lucky tweet peeps per hour!

All you have to do is:
1. Like Levi's Facebook Page
2. Follow @LevisPhil on twitter
and tweet one way you can conserve water. Dont forget to tag @LevisPhil and hashtag 


(Teena's Instagram photos)
Yesterday with Tracy, Teena and Rap--the man behind my outfit shots! :)


Here's the skimmer Rob and I designed for Punch Drunk Panda!
The inspiration? You guess. Kidding. It's obvious! 
Actually, I need not say anything. The shoe already speaks for itself, doesn't it? 
Rob really did make magic. He perfectly illustrated what I had in mind!

The skimmers come in 5 designs:
AIRMAIL: Ge Mapa & Selena Salang
DREAMERS: Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedragosa
GOING PLACES : Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico
KICK FLICKS : JP Cuison & Saab Magalona
MANIC MAYAN : Kitakat Pecson & Patricia Prieto

It will all be available on the 31st of March at the  Anteroom Sessions by PDP x Heima
Come to the event! :) see more here
Php 1,295 but less 10% for registered users on Punch Drunk Panda dot com

You can browse the collection here: 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012
(taken by Edric)

It's been a year since that fateful day Edric and i crossed paths... 
And now we've come full circle :)