Sunday, February 7, 2016
What I was wearing:
Dress: Triaraclothings | Sandals: Syrup Boho purse: Atmosphere

So I figured I should take a quick break from all the Europe posts and share to you an outfit I worn recently - by recent, I mean yesterday. lol I received a package from Triaraclothings a few days back and I just could not wait to show you the rompers they sent. I don't even have words to explain how happy I was with it! The fit? Perfect. The style? Great. AND it's boho, you all know how much of a fan I am with anything bohemian or gypsy. 

Patrick's training was early in the morning so we had the whole Saturday to spend for ourselves. Since we got back from Germany, we haven't really had a brunch date yet. We normally have coffee & food outside, sit, make plans and not to mention, talk about the same things over and over again. When you're together with someone for years already, you surprisingly find yourselves having the same conversation from a day or two ago. haha
We're lucky to be living in an area where everything is walking distance and yesterdays's choice of venue was Wildflour. Enjoyed our dose of caffein and calories for an hour or so and spent the rest of the day walking around High Street. Nothing quite significant, but still something special especially when it's spent with someone dear to you. Cheeseballs! lol

Anyway, I won't go longer and eat much of your Sunday. I do hope though you are having a relaxing one. 'til then lovelies! 

Cheys ♥

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