Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mullet skirt: SOUL (M.T.O. collection)
Gold Bikini: SOUL (Modern-Audrey collection) --> My personal fave!
Sheer kimono: SOUL
Shoes: Sultang
Photos by Aidx Paredes

The highlight of previous stay in Davao (talking about the one before school and sorry to be always going home
 and confusing you hehe) was the Style Origins Fashion Show in Abreeza where I and Gail walked the ramp for none other than Davao's 
very own (and our favorite) Soul Lifestyle. It was an unexplainable feeling of unease and excitement. Walking infront of the crowd was nerve-wracking.  Eyes of familiar faces were on me, but everything looked foreign all of a sudden--the people, the place, the world. Everything!

 I panicked, but halfway thru I just sucked it in and told myself not everyone gets this chance so I grabbed it,
 tried walking like a pro in a sheer mullet skirt (must-have btw!) and pretended all these 6-foot models ain't got nothing on this 5 foot 2 commoner! Say whuut gurl?! haha It was the kind of attention one would love and hate to have. Show was finally over and doing the "final walk" was rather satisfying than scaring. Seeing the smiles on the audience's faces signified it was a good show. The 1-minute fame ended but the fulfillment I had from it stayed in me, and it will. Forever.

Not even a year of being part of the Soul Lifestyle Team but I already completed 2 "firsts" because of them. 
1. First Billboard
2. First Runway Show 
 I am very lucky to have them! I'm (and will always be) a SOUL angel! 
Thank you Mimi and Jun! Love you both forever! 


[The GIF version. Does it work?]

What do you usually do when bored in class? Well for us, casual visits to the comfort room, cafeteria and even to the stairs already make a great escape from a 3-hour long lecture. Interior Design subjects can get pretty 'rottening' ya know--excuse my choice of word, rotenning technically isn't part of the dictionary, just mine--in a sense that you sit in class just doing the same things: endless drawing, sketching, listening. Nonetheless, I still think its the best course there is! One of the bests. Fine. hehe

Okay I was deviated again. Back to the topic please. So with the help of a 3-ft wooden plant box (unsure of what they call it) and self-timer, Pam & I were able to photos outside the room. It was so bad and fast, we didn't even have time to move our bodies and change positions! Our faces did catch-up with  the pace though. lol 
Did some reasearch about GIFs (watched this)  and came up with this animated picture!
Pam looks ridiculous while I look like a retard, jerking like I'm having a spasm attack. haha
With those observations above, I think its best naming this photo...dun dun dun dun.......
"The spasmodic mammal & hungry pooch."
Cheyser Pedregosa's first GIF after 84 months. 7 yrs. if you do the math. 
Last was 2005 I think? When all I had was just Adobe Photoshop 7. hehe 


Friday, June 29, 2012

Top: WAGW 
Necklace: Sol Accessories
Clogs: Gift from my brother
Bracelets: Spikes from Mauve | Braids from Extreme Finds Davao
Shorts: American Eagle (SALE. 450 php approx. $10)
Native Bag: Bazaar Find (350 php approx. $8)

So here I go again pounding my head on the table just to come up with a badass outfit-related title for this post.  I don't mean the head-banging though. Don't get me wrong. But seriously titles are getting harder and harder every  single time! Especially when you've been blogging for more than a year already and almost all words in the dictionary were used up! Well not really. hehe
I know this is such an abused word / acronym but TGIF sounds so good now.. Let me share 3 reasons why.

1. Friday's my last class for the week. 
2. 4-day weekend coming up. 
Next class is on Tuesday and its like this for the entire term.
3. My dad's here to visit, and my brother's home.
I just thought the CAPS and !!! were necessary. Please understand. You know how much I love food.  

In addition to the TGIF rage, I thought what I wore to school leaned pretty much on such saying, even my dog-tired face. It's as if it's waiting for some miracle to happen....dun dun dun dun....then comes FRIIIDAY! I don't think I'm making any sense now. Pardon. Let me cut it here and wish you all a happy weekend! haha :)


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Thursday, June 28, 2012
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Duration: 1 week 
June 29-July 6


Fringe dress: WAGW
Denim Jacket: Guess (had this since I was a kid!)
Bag: F&X 
Bracelets: Mauve
Necklace: Mauve
Recessionista Find: Heels from Charles & Keith. Got it for 799 from 2000+.

Been a while since I did an outfit post! My apologies. I have been too busy and school's to blame. Class started this week and this 
my dear readers is what I wore on our first day! Thanks Ash for taking my outfit shot.
 It really pays to have a classmate/friend who's as patient as her! :) 
As for what I was wearing, I wanted something to tone down the dressy-ness of the heels so I wore
 a denim jacket over the dress instead of going for blazers. I just thought it would go more with
 the fringe and  silver accessories.  Also, did you notice something new above? I actually added a new section to the list of outfit details!
 I'm considering of labeling items which I thrifted or got on sale as  "Recessionsita Find/s"  and actually
 including it in every outfit post! What do you think?
Anyway, I hope you are all having a great night! :)



Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Everybody loves sale! Who does not?! As a recessionista, I'm always on the hunt for cheap finds
and would you believe I saved about $120 for these items?! Prices were 50%-70% off at
 What a sale craze!

(left side = old price | righ side = discounted price)
Dress # 1: $50 = $19.99
Top: $50 = $19.99
Dress # 2: $50 = $19.99
Platforms: $72 = 29.99 

My fave? The black platforms! Yours? :) 
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Photoshoots and videoshoots, what comes into your minds? Outputs that are eye-pleasing such as polished clips and flawless shots of people are just a few to mention.  But don't you sometimes wonder what actually goes behind the lens? Well, I happen to love it more when I see BTS shots/clips of shoots. I think it's just way to fun having to see the actual and how it transformed into something ideal. Don't you agree?

Well speaking of behind-the-scenes, remember the videozine we did for Photos above show what happened before the shoot.

x Hair and make-up! The best part. Check out the braids!
x Shoes, accessories, clothes we used for the shoot. All from Forever21. 
x Vern and I contemplating on which accessories to use!
x Lissa, Vern & I taking a break 
x and photo/videographers too!
x Isa and Rejan--the minds behind W/E!

Just in case you haven't seen the videozine yet, you can check it out at! :) 
Have a great day guys! :)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Showing you all what's inside my ROMWE shopping cart! 
My fave? The leopard abstract shift dress. You? :) 


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Duration: 1 week 
June 26- July 3


Monday, June 25, 2012
A closer & clearer view of the limited edition shoes I designed for So! Fab.
My personal favorite? Khaki! Yours? :)
x So! Fab Shangri-la
x So! Fab Glorietta 1
x So! Fab San Lazaro


So today was spent again with none other than my dear friend, Ashlee. A simple "I-havent-seen-you-for-months-
we-should-catch-up-over-dinner" thing was extended to 2 days of shopping, cooking and oh well,
chatting. Non-stop talking and sharing!  A day with her never gets boring, seriously! 
Anyway, I have been too lazy to bring my SLR around so I resorted to the best-est way to take photos--after SLRs and Digi Cams--my iPhone!
So guys, here's another instagram post summarizing this day! Enjoy! :)

x Shoe shopping at SM. I was helping Ash pick her very first platforms.
x Undecided which color to get.  Ended up with pink, btw
x Went to the supermarket to buy tonight's dinner.
x Brussel sprouts which I've been wanting to try. I only see it on cooking shows. 
x Preparing dinner.
x ...And after 15 mins, voila! 
x Dinner made by yours truly :)

Hope you're all having a great night! :)


Sunday, June 24, 2012
Congratulations Alyssa Cabel for winning the TWR x Romwe giveaway! :) 


Tees are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could find in your closet. Dress it up by wearing a fancy skirt and heels, 
or dress it down by sporting a pair of jeans and wedges. 
I together with other bloggers had a challenge. We chose a tee from Gap's Now Tees collection 
and wore it based on our personality--mine happened to be none other than boho. 

Above shows how I styled the tee. Instead of traditionally wearing it as a top, I decided to give it a twist by using it as a dress. 
I suggest you go to StyleBible's site to read more about the interview. There I explained how I came up with the look! 
Hope you like it! :) 

[See the GAP challenge HERE:]