Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mullet skirt: SOUL (M.T.O. collection)
Gold Bikini: SOUL (Modern-Audrey collection) --> My personal fave!
Sheer kimono: SOUL
Shoes: Sultang
Photos by Aidx Paredes

The highlight of previous stay in Davao (talking about the one before school and sorry to be always going home
 and confusing you hehe) was the Style Origins Fashion Show in Abreeza where I and Gail walked the ramp for none other than Davao's 
very own (and our favorite) Soul Lifestyle. It was an unexplainable feeling of unease and excitement. Walking infront of the crowd was nerve-wracking.  Eyes of familiar faces were on me, but everything looked foreign all of a sudden--the people, the place, the world. Everything!

 I panicked, but halfway thru I just sucked it in and told myself not everyone gets this chance so I grabbed it,
 tried walking like a pro in a sheer mullet skirt (must-have btw!) and pretended all these 6-foot models ain't got nothing on this 5 foot 2 commoner! Say whuut gurl?! haha It was the kind of attention one would love and hate to have. Show was finally over and doing the "final walk" was rather satisfying than scaring. Seeing the smiles on the audience's faces signified it was a good show. The 1-minute fame ended but the fulfillment I had from it stayed in me, and it will. Forever.

Not even a year of being part of the Soul Lifestyle Team but I already completed 2 "firsts" because of them. 
1. First Billboard
2. First Runway Show 
 I am very lucky to have them! I'm (and will always be) a SOUL angel! 
Thank you Mimi and Jun! Love you both forever! 

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