Monday, July 2, 2012

Would you believe I have been sitting in the car since 11am? 10 straight hours and my ass feels like a rotten tomato already! I feel icky, uncomfortable and very unproductive. No time to blog even study for tomorrow's oral recitation. Sigh.
1 more hour then I will finally be home! But I thought of using the 60 minutes on good use and what better way to waste it than blogging? Even if this is just another Instagram post. 
Laptop + iPhone + unlimited data plan! Wonders of technology.

So guys above are the photos I took using my phone today! :) 
x washed out low waist jeans + pink accents
x everything boho
x beautiful vein I found in some random street
x hydrate
x gloomy weather
x boho goodies (skirt & kimono) from Soul 
x something fresh with pink & green together, don't you agree?
x on the road

Hope you're having a great night guys! :) 

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