Monday, June 25, 2012
So today was spent again with none other than my dear friend, Ashlee. A simple "I-havent-seen-you-for-months-
we-should-catch-up-over-dinner" thing was extended to 2 days of shopping, cooking and oh well,
chatting. Non-stop talking and sharing!  A day with her never gets boring, seriously! 
Anyway, I have been too lazy to bring my SLR around so I resorted to the best-est way to take photos--after SLRs and Digi Cams--my iPhone!
So guys, here's another instagram post summarizing this day! Enjoy! :)

x Shoe shopping at SM. I was helping Ash pick her very first platforms.
x Undecided which color to get.  Ended up with pink, btw
x Went to the supermarket to buy tonight's dinner.
x Brussel sprouts which I've been wanting to try. I only see it on cooking shows. 
x Preparing dinner.
x ...And after 15 mins, voila! 
x Dinner made by yours truly :)

Hope you're all having a great night! :)

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