Friday, March 23, 2012

It was just 2 weeks ago when I was flown to Cebu for a shoot with Island Girl.
 As someone who admires and believes in native/locally-made pieces, I was very much grateful to be wearing the brand, even more when I found out I will be the face of their Summer 2012 campaign!

My 2-day stay was a whole new experience. At first, I expected the usual--countless outfit changes, endless photoshoot and everything work-related--but little did I know I was bound for something more. 
 I tried a few things which I was (still am) not used to, playing the guitar and riding a bike (as you can see I was struggling lol) to name a few.
The video showed a side of me most of you have not seen yet. The quirky, cranky and bubbly side of Cheys. hehe! And it also sums up the day spent with the Island Girl team, which was filled with laughter, giggles and sweat! lol

Have fun watching! :D

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