Saturday, March 31, 2012
It eventually came to life.
Eatouts with people I love
my most favorite shade (had it done in Butter)
paper swans
coffee w/cousins
parking lot madness with Aidx
Stash's shoot with Aidx

So it has been nearly a month since my last wordy blog post. Life was unexceptionally busy--floor & ceiling plans to finish, exams to pass, series of shoots to conquer, friends to catch up with, clothes to sort and luggages to fill. 
All these demanded time, yet time I had didn't seem enough. Spent days losing my mind, wishing to be in two places at once. Forced to get everything done and I succeeded. Well not really, 2 more plates to finish. But agony's almost over. My summer indeed is coming.

This 2-month break from school and the Metro was nothing expected.  Sadly we do not have summer breaks. The usual 2-semester/yr program that I got used to is nothing compared to the taxing 4-semester/year program my school follows. The original plan was a week vacation in Davao, then head back to Manila to take more classes.  But one random night, days before my flight, I was on the phone with my mom. Usual conversation about academics and life was shared. Nothing extraordinary, until the idea of a getaway crossed my mind. I asked if a time-off from the hectic, manic, crazy, fast-paced life in Manila was possible..she then said it was. 
I was elated. 2-month vacation meant more time to focus on the things I've been wanting to do: opening my clothing line, spending more days with the ones I love and getting back to blogging more reflection posts to name a few.
 I couldn't be happier. I was grateful she understood. 

The normal 20-kg luggage suddenly became too small. Packed months worth of clothing, finished everything needed done and headed to the place where my heart was left...
I'm finally home.

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