Saturday, January 21, 2012
My quick trip to Davao is not only time-limited but also baggage-unfriendly, if there's such word. haha
 I had to make-do with the 7kgs baggage allowance and with 4 shoes, a kilo heavy accessories, a laptop and tons of clothes, it was quite a challenge.
I had no choice but to leave my bulky SLR at home and bring a point-and-shoot camera with me instead. It's the first time I travelled to Davao without Kisses (yes I name my gadgets haha) but with everything so limited, I just had to!

So while waiting for my flight last night, I played around with a point-and-shoot and here are the results:
Used a Canon IXUS 1100
Oh! Everything's unedited :)

 Took a photo of it using my phone and took another photo of my phone using the point-and-shoot. Confusing. haha!
I tried the Toy Camera effect, and gotta say...im obsessed with it!

 Sunset in Manila has always been lovelier than Davao's. I dont know why.

 Reading a pasta cookbook to save myself from boredom.

 My favorite shot. (The old lady tilted her head perfectly, giving a sad/lonely feel to the photo)

 A view of the sky from the plane.

 Trying out the Miniature effect.

Instant lomo effect to the photo! 

And that's about it! 
Can you tell these are just taken with a point-and-shoot cam? :)

Happy Sunday everyone!



  1. Cheys this doesn't even look like taken by a point-and-shoot camera! Great photoooos!

  2. i like your photos! :)


  3. sunsets in manila seem nicer because of all that smog. it bends the light in a way that makes it look romantic. davao relatively has less smog, so less effect. but we aren't known naman for our sunsets eh ;)

  4. Great photos.


  5. Love the photos! =] memyselfandmai.blogspot.com