Saturday, January 14, 2012

 My favorite necklace so far.

 Mixed the aztec bracelets with bangles and leather straps to make it look "modern native".

 Earrings to pair w/the necklace.

Beaded Accessories: made by the locals (selling it here)
Black Knitted Cardigan: Thrifted
Tights: Terranova
Boots: Janilyn

Judging from the photos and title, you already can tell this post has something to do with school! :) 
Well not really. Kind of maybe? haha! It's just a post showing you my outfit  for today's early class which was extremely torturing. As you can see my eyes were still droopy. Had to wake up at 8 which for me was damn early! I sat in the room for about 3 hours and did nothing but draw draw draw. 
(I still have the "Christmas break" hangover you know. I need to reprogram my body as soon as possible! This is what you get for having long breaks!)
Right after dismissal, my classmates and I stayed in the lobby. We posed and took with our school's name on top of our heads and this are my shots! Proud student? haha! 
Thanks to Pam and Ash for holding the cam! Perks of having camera-savvy classmates, eh? haha!

Oh btw, do you like my native beaded accessories? I will do a post about it right after this! :D
Have a great weekend guys!



  1. I love the accessories!!! They paired well with your get-up.

  2. Love the mix of your bracelets! Beautiful arm-party right there!

  3. your jewellery is lovely!!

    ps i'm hosting a little giveaway if you fancy taking a look...

  4. just as everyone said before ^^ such lovely accessories!! :) and classes in the morning are the worst thing ever for me too :DDD

  5. Love the accessories!


  6. I love your accessories and shoes! :)

  7. love your outfit! fabulous jewelry :)

  8. I have the same leather bracelets with gold studs. COOL! I didn't know that it has green, mine is white.

    I really love your combos Cheyser. ^_^