Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dress: ROMWE
Clutch: SOUL
Necklace & Black bangle: SOUL
Gold small bangles: Mapleberry
photos by Rap Meting

As my blog turns 1 year old today,  I thought an outfit post that's more mature would go perfectly for such occasion. I opted on sticking to 2 colors in this ensemble--black and gold--very different from my typical 'crayola' looks.

It's TWR's anniversary so here goes my Blogversary post....
Everything still seems a blur  to me. A personal blog turned into something more than expected? Who would have known? 
I recall a year exactly from now, I was at the living room infront of my laptop puzzled with what to write about. (As always! haha) I didn't know much about blogging then. All I had was an outfit and a few unorganized thoughts that I barely knew how to translate to words. (you can see my first post here) The Walking Recessionista was nothing but a newbie blog with less than 50 clicks a day and now, it grew 100+ folds. (Still in awe)

I will always be grateful. I dont know what I did to deserve all this but Im a strong believer of purpose and I know things do happen for a reason, I just have to find out what exactly it is.

To all my readers, thank you! I am getting really emotional now and I think I have to cut this post before my tears uncontrollably rundown my cheeks.
I dont understand how I feel. I should be happy, shouldnt I? But tomorrow I will be leaving Davao and start living reality again in a different city, in Manila. I always get this feeling a day before I leave, it just happened that it fell on the day of my blogversary. So instead of being alive, i feel the opposite!

But I want you all to know I am truly happy. Thank you for standing by TWR.
I have said it, and will say it again....I would have nevery reached any of this without you all!

Oh! To keep you away from my emo vibe, I will be hosting a giveaway later! :)
More that 5 readers will win! But now, I have to get up and head to a resto. Will be having dinner with the SOUL team! :)

A big hug,


  1. Happy birthday! Happy anniv!! For more years TWR :)

  2. Honey congrats and happy b-day to your blog :) I love it I always have and I always will because you inspire me so so much!I think it's amazing what you're doing, it's okay to get emotional it's a big ting for you :)!xx

  3. Love the outfit & Happy Blogversary! I hope my blog will have as much success as yours in the future.

  4. I love the shoes. Where from? :)


  5. Happy Anniversary on your blog Miss Cheys!
    may you continue to inspire more lives...
    Hope to see you one day.yay! :)

  6. happy blogsary Cheys!! Keep on inspiring girls like me. <3

  7. wow!! Happy anniversary TWR.
    Hi thank you so much for inspiring me.

  8. congrats on your 1 year anniversary at your blog! (btw, love the name! so unique!) it's not easy keeping your blog alive for a year so that's definitely a great accomplishment! and i love the outfit and the gold palette! looks great! the shoes are my fav!!

    alex @

  9. Happy first anniversary to your blog!
    Don't be sad, just think of it as a new start of something bigger and better.
    As you said, there's a reason and purpose behind everything. Who knows, Manila might be better!
    Love this outfit, the gold dress is just divine.
    I adore your clutch and dreamcatcher necklace too!

  10. happy anniversary Cheyser aka TWR! :)
    and happy anniversary to me also! (because since day 1 I have been a follower. haha!)
    Congrats && Keep it up!


  11. i love your shoes n necklace so much no doubt that d entire outfit is amazing <3