Monday, January 30, 2012

What an awkward walking shot :)))
My legs look like theyre about to break! LOL

 Lovely vintage accessories from Parfois.
My pick? The antique looking watch!

 Don't you just love the shorts? :)

Forgive me if I have not visited the nail salon. Haha!

My first ever detachable collar! Thank you Flatterbuy :)

Sequined top: SOUL (I have it in gray!)
Sequined collar: Flatterbuy
Jeweled shorts: ROMWE
Clutch: Parfois
All Accessories: Parfois
Photos: Rap Meting

I know January hasn't ended yet but I dont mind. I already am prepping for Vday! hihihi In fact, im starting with this outfit! 
This look is subtle and very dainty (perfect for Heart's day huh) but I added black details to give a little roughness to the delicate ensemble.  

 The detachable collar--very ingenious--and top are two of my favorites! If you noticed I have been wearing a lot of sequins and studs on my posts, I just cant get enough of 'em! And to be honest, I am VERY MUCH addicted those two! :)
The belt looks rockstaresque from afar but if you look closer you'll see that it the studs acre actually pearls! Deceiving, eh? :)

Hope you like it!


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