Sunday, February 26, 2012

I dont know if you have already noticed, but I seldom wear pants. Well its not because I don't feel fashionable in it, it's just that I couldn't seem to find the right cut that complements my unproportioned body--normal waist, noticeably huge muffin top/lovehandles, small hips and slightly big inner thighs.
The jeans I find in most retail shops were either too tight in the waist (made my muffin top seem more obvious) but fitted in the hips or perfect in the waist but lose in the thighs
Do some of you face the same fashion dilemma?

I went to Levi's anticipating I would see the usual cut pants like those I always come face to face with in other stores but I was puzzled when the salesperson measured my body. Soon after, I learned how it was essential for them to do that so they could give their customers the perfect cut of jeans that would suit their body types. 
I happened to be a "Slight Curve" so I picked pants belonging to such category. I was amazed how it suited me well--low waist (it didn't show my muffin top) and fitted yet very comfortable. 
I left with a big shopping bag weighing roughly about 2-3 kgs? You figure how many was inside. haha!
Thanks to the staff of Levi's Greenbelt and to Gen Go for being very accommodating.


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