Thursday, February 9, 2012

Woke up today and was surprised by this video uploaded by my friend Maridy.
I watched it and thought I was delusional to actully believe it was real and that I should go back to sleep and wake up to reality.
Then I was wrong.
(Video was on replay thrice before I finally absorbed every single word. )

I couldn't believe it--there I said it! Andy, the very reason why I first fell in love with blogging and started, said hello! You all may think I'm overreacting, that this is just in video and not in person but  never in a gazillion years would I have ever imagined this, not even once! I mean who would be crazy enough to think there is an actual possibility of this happening? It's overwhelming. I'm overjoyed. I couldn't contain it. 
Thank you Maridy, you made day, my month, even my year!
 And thank you Andy for being kind enough to do this! It may be nothing significant to you but it sure meant something big to me :)

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