Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've never went nuts on an online shop as much as I have on Romwe
Their latest collection centered more on vintage, retro and boho prints which definitely is my type! I was in panic the moment I laid eyes on them. I thought for a while of getting everything and then reality kicked in, thankfully. I was sane enough to control myself. 
It's just crazy how an online shop could tempt and make someone overspend. It's intense. I swear. 

My favorite? The DM's floral boots. I first saw it a year ago on Tumblr and I've been eyeing on it since then. I even remember saving a photo on my ipod for inspirational purposes, sounds professional eh? lol  and when I saw it on Romwe, I was psyched! The only downside was, I had to give up 5 tops for it cause getting all would mean sacrificing my month's worth allowance! haha

Which do you like most? :) 

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