60's PRINT

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dress & Belt: Vintage
Detachable collar: Flatterbuy
Bracelets: Nikita 

What I am wearing today :)

I have already been feeling unwell for the past few days--please excuse me for the lack of blog posts--but today was just the worst! I woke up late (2 PM) with a clogged nose, high body temp and a bad sore throat that made talking impossible! Everytime I try to speak, no voice comes out of my mouth. Really bad, eh? You tell me :(

It's Sunday, my blogging day, but as much as I want to spend time infront of my laptop and go into details about my week and this outfit, my body just screams the opposite.
So let us leave the photos to talk about the whole look.
Hope you're having a great day though! :)


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