Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skirt: Sabrina
Crochet cropped top: Soul
Pink Belt, Ring, Sandals: Soul

 I dont know what's with maxis that gives an instant I-dont-care-how-I-look-like impression and with crochets that always makes anything seem gypsy or bohemian but both worn with sling bags and flats altogether make an effortless casual boho look.
Don't you just agree? :)

This ensemble actually is one of my favorite everyday looks. The crochet top goes with anything--it's my most-liked  top you have no idea how often I wear it! haha
I count it as a staple piece/a must have for those bohemian/gypsy style devotees out there! If I'm not mistaken, Soul has it in different colors--green, yellow, blue, pink. You should check it out!


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