Friday, April 27, 2012
After the successful launch (Sounds big. My apologies. That's the only word I coul think of.) of Stash's 
first collection, I thought it would be practical to start working on the second as soon as I could! 
So I did. Invested weeks worth of time and effort just to get everything done. And with only myself and
 the seamster to rely on, 3 weeks--though lengthy--was what we needed to transform yards of fabric into something Stash-worthy.

So guys *exhales heavily*...above is a sneak peek of the second collection. 
Expect 2 shorts, a skirt and a romper. Will be releasing it soon. :)
What do you think of the prints?:)

Oh btw! It's the last day of the Parisian Challenge. It would mean a lot
if you could vote for me! :)
see here


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