Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Sequined shorts: ROMWE
Feather sheer top: Pickled & Peppered (if you like the top,
you can also contact SOUL. PP is the sister brand of SOUL)
Booties: Forever21
Photos by Rap Meting 

I stared at the photos and asked myself, what would make a great title for this post?
I looked closer, examined every detail and it came to me.. I looked different, in a good-glowing kinda way.
If you noticed, I hardly smile in photographs. It's due to the fact that my circular face gets even rounder as I open my mouth and grin. Well that's what I think.  But when I saw the photos above, I thought my smile was different, but beautiful. 
So with the observations gathered, I think naming this look "In Bloom" is perfect.
The afternoon sun hit my my colored hair just right, like how the sequined shorts glistnened
 impeccably w/the salmon pink sheer top. Everything just fell in place. Perfectly. This is one of the
looks I will always adore!
I do hope you love it as much as I do! :)


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