Saturday, May 26, 2012
Confused face??
Blue sheer button down: ChickFlick
Top: Monki
Shorts: recessionista find from a random department store
Necklace: MAUVE (the short one) | Anagon (the long one)
Bag: Forever21

On a usual day, you would always spot me in a laid-back ensemble--denim shorts, cropped top, flats and a boho bag. 
Carefree and chill. My kind-of casual. 
It is only during these days when I go from one place to another to run errands that I could freely sport my
 favorite laid-back clothes, and last Thursday was one of those.
If you follow me on Instagram (@cheyzmeister), you'd notice my outfit posts side more on the i-just-put-this-on kind of looks. Well for the past days Ive been feeling lazy, so that explains why. haha

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