Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Have you ever wondered how it's like to be recognized in the Digital Universe? Perhaps gain fame
or even be rewarded on stage for being an online/cyber-junkie?
Well dream no more cyber peeps! Cause this year, Tattoo, the #1 broadband in the Philippines, brings you TattAwards 2012!
With only the second year of sole recognition and pure appreciation, TattAwards brings us a more
 promising awarding this 2012!  10 categories, any of which could be yours.

The One - the awesomest of them all
Stylisimo - chic-est virtual fashion vixen
The Explorer - the most pumped-up among travellers
Game Changer - the athlete who always scores
The Visulizer - the raddest amongst all photobloggers
#thought-mover - the #hashtag trendsetter
Video Slinger - the god of all Vlogs
Indie Rocker - the know-it-all musician
The Advocate - the do-gooder of our country
Tech Junkie - the most up-to-date junkie in the world of games, gadgets etc.

If you know of somebody who is worth recognizing, NOMINATE THEM! 
Or if you think you have what it takes, then why hesitate writing your name??
TattAwards is for us all. Anybody can be a celebrity in the Tattoo world!

(Nominations is from April 25-May 20. You can start NOW here.)

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