Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Cutout blazer: Romwe
Dress: Sabrina
Neon necklace: Extreme Finds Davao
Bag: Props
Photos by Rap Meting

One of the best things I like about dressing up is how one can play freely with colors. You can go minimal 
as going monochromatic in one look or even go crazy by wearing every shade in the box of Crayola, if you feel like doing so. 
Experimenting, that's what makes fashion exciting! Don't you agree?
Well in this outfit, I stuck to hues siding each other on the color wheel--green, blue and violet. But experimented with the neon yellow necklace to add acceent to the whole look. Yellow happens to be the direct complementary of violet, which makes this necklace the perfect choice, I believe! Just something I learned in my color theory class. lol
Wore this ensemble for a dinner and Saturday night out with friends. 
Dinner= with blazer | Night out= without 
HAHA! Hope you like it! :)


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