Monday, June 11, 2012

Victorian Shorts: Romwe
Shoes: Parisian
Necklace: Romwe
Bag: Sultang

Do you often experience a blog title block out? Times when your mind just go into an absolute blank state? Well I do all the time, and tonight was one of the worst. Been staring  at the photos for so long that everybody in the house already finished their 6-8PM routine--cook, eat, excercise--while I still sit and fight my way through some sort of a mind-impairment battle. 

You may ask why the "HAPPY" title? Well picture me in the dining table, with a laptop in front and a resealable bag of greaseless peanuts which I've been munching on for the last couple of minutes on my side. I stared at the whole ensemble.  Then redirected my eyes to the tasty snack, and it was when I came to a realization that my outfit had the same color scheme w/the nuts' packaging. 
Blue, yellow and a bit of red. Exactly how the pack of HAPPY Peanuts looked like! hehehe
Hope you like it though!

See the resemblance? haha


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