Monday, June 4, 2012

Denim Jacket: Levi's
Pants: Levi's
Photo by Edric Chen

When you hear the word denim, what goes into your mind? Vintage, grungy and blue are only a few to mention.
People have this common notion of denim to be just for daily casual affairs. Well I beg to differ. With the right choice of colors, textures and accessories, a typical rugged ensemble could be transformed into something in the middle of casual and dressy. 

Like this look for example. Rather than going for the classic blue jeans, I went for a salmon ankle skinny from Levi's summer collection. Soft and very feminine, especially with the yellow tank and blue platforms. Then I threw in a washed-out denim jacket to cap-off the whole in-the-middle-of-casual-and-dressy look! 

Hope you like it! :)


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