Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jeggings: Levi's
Denim Polo: Levi's
photos by Edric Chen

Let the time machine bring us back to the era when walking in 7-inch heel-less shoes is but a ridiculous idea.
Think about the 50's when Rock'n'Roll earned its name in the world. Or the 60's when various fashion traditions were broken--bikini trend, mini skirt mania and the oh so famous but odd go-go boots. Even the 70's when disco fad surfaced out of nowhere!
Indeed fashion is evolving. No doubt about that.

But at times, do you ever wish you could take a break from these ever changing trends and just be in something you feel most comfortable in? Perhaps an on-the-go outfit you never get tired of? Well above shows one look that's included in my go-to portfolio. Nothing more relaxed than an oversized tee, denim button down, jeggings and over-used combat boots. It's something anybody could be in, without having to worry about walking, running around or even sitting in wherever place may it be. In my case, it was on a bed of dead grass. 

This look shows another side of my style in which only a few of you may have noticed. That Rockstar-chic-goes-to-the-West part where I freely sport studs, boots, tees and denims. It's not something I am always seen in, but it definitely takes a chunk of my overall personal style.

You, what's your on-the-go ensemble? :)


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