Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Knitted Top: SOUL
Skirt: Stash (sold out)
Shoes: Parisian
Necklace: SOUL
photos by Rap Meting

If there's one thing I never get tired of pairing with body con / tulip skirts, it would be knitted oversized tops. 
It's low-maintenance, multi-purpose and basic yet still stylish. 
Whenever I pay a visit to any of SOUL's shops, I never miss out on checking their slouchy knits. It's becoming some sort of their staple item that can always be found hanging on the racks whatever season it may be--winter, spring, summer or fall. 
So when I had to wear this skirt from STASH's 2nd collection--which was  released a month ago so it only proves this is an overdue post hehe--I immediately thought of this cream off-the-shoulder distressed top to pair with it.
Perfect piece to complement the tribal print skirt, fringe necklace and boho bag! :)


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