Saturday, July 14, 2012
Denim Polo: Romwe
Shoes: CMG
Necklaces: Sol Accessories
Photos: Aidx Paredes

If you ever wondered how I look like after rolling out of bed, it would be this. No make-up, bloated cheeks and slightly chinky but always droopy eyes. It runs in the blood, sadly. Good thing eyeliners were created. Anyway, this was an outfit taken weeks ago when I attended the mini event SOUL prepared for students. I wanted to be in something lively but not over the top, so I went for this comfy printed romper and stuck to accessories belonging to the same color family--aqua green. Again, another casual look for you guys :)

So it's Sunday which means I have to bring my productivity level up a notch just to start this week right. First on my to-do list? Blog, of course! Which I am happy doing as of the moment, by the way. Second is to work out, then hear mass and do the groceries. Long day! 

Oh! I apologize if I haven't had time to reply to you tweets, emails, blog & Instagram comments.
 I know you heard this reason a million times but I've been extra extra busy :(
So let me take this chance to thank you for taking time to read my blog/s, check my photos, react to my tweets and send me fan mails. I truly appreciate all of it :)
I wish you all are having a great Sunday! 


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