Monday, July 23, 2012
Neoon bracelets: York
Recessionista find:
Watch: got it for 600 php from this store I found at the Superb bazaar

Unproductive and fruitless are just a few adjectives to describe how my weekend was. The weather's to blame first, then nightly festivities come second. I'm actually still in denial it's Monday already and that hell week is officially on. 2 exams to study for, 4 plates to submit, blog entries to post and then guests to entertain from Wednesday to Saturday. How on earth am I to fit everything on my schedule? Time is what I need now. In fact, extra time (48 hrs maybe) would be the best birthday gift I could ever receive! 

 I really wish I could use my birthday as an excuse to take on a week long hiatus. Break from school and blogging is what I yearn for now. I miss getting to sleep 8-10 hrs a day and not worry about not accomplishing anything. You get me? Sad but grateful, I have been awoken from my dream and now my eyes are wide open--I need to do get up and start working on what's important! 

Lets start off with a blog post..I know you miss my outfit posts so guys here's a new one showing what I wore last Saturday. The dress is tight-fitting (as you can see) and believe it or not, I gave up nutella and peanut butter for a week just for this. It's made of  stretchable cotton and such fabric gives us no mercy, you know. Flabs cannot be hidden. Flaws cannot be concealed! Still, it's one of my favorite pieces and being like other girls, I saved it for an occasion worth dressing up for and last Saturday was. 

 I actually planned on bringing my SLR for documentation purposes (sounds legit lol) but bag was too small so I brought an IXUS w/me instead!Don't you just hate it when you have to carry bulky cameras with you all night long? I suggest don't! Risk of losing it is too high.
I just realized the pink camera went well with my outfit! Cute, eh? :)
Hope you like it!


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