Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guess what I am up to now? Shooting with MadHouse Manila! :)
I thought of blogging behind the scenes photos to give you a glimpse of how everything's going! Thanks to instagram!
Plus I'm just too excited about the clothes, shoes, hair, makeup that I have to show it to you all as soon as I can. Actually everything's real awesome. Wickedly awesome in fact. My favorite part of the shoot? Deadly 8-inch Joco Comendador heels which we had to be in the entire time! Not-so-experienced models (actually bloggers) and sky high heels. Go figure! hehe

Anyway, here are the captions:
x make-up ready
x my CRAZY teased hair
x all black for the first outfit
x fairyesque dress for the 2nd outfit
x with everyone (vern and verniece left already)
x our not-so-sweet group shot hehe
x with verniece

I've got to go back shooting so I gotta say bye for now!
Hope you're having a great Sunday! :)


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