Monday, August 6, 2012
Skirt: SOUL 
Top & Blazer: Apartment 8 
Necklace: Mauve
Shoes: (I'll get back on you with this one. I dont remember!)

I need your imagination skills now. Let's say our beautiful world was destroyed and you, together with other survivors, were one of the few to get through the unfortunate event. You are in an abandoned mall naked (sorry for the lack of better words) and 2 racks of clothes (a gift from up above) are gleaming brightly from afar. The one filled with heavy prints and colors (think shades of pink, aqua, yellow etc) is on the left while the other with blacks, grays and whites is on the right. Consider that these are the last pieces of clothing on Earth and no brands/designers will ever make new ones again. So with limited time to think, which side would you run to? 

(I'm giving you 3 minutes to think... lol)

Time's up! Have you made up your mind? 
Hard, eh? It took me a while too. I know you think I'd head to the left but really I'd go for the rack on the right. 
See... I love heavy prints and colors but with limited supply of clothing, I have to be practical. Monochromes will last me my entire life. It's easy to pair and I won't have problems with it being out of style or outdated. 

Sorry for that tragic fashion scenario I let you imagined. It just crossed my mind and I wanted to know what side you'd go for so I had to write it down. haha!
Anyway as a tribute to that,  I am posting a look which I picture myself wearing in my so-called "second life". Black, white and browns with a touch of boho--tribal skirt and native-like wedges.  Something that is sophisticated and mature but still has that "Cheyser" feel, you know!
Do you like it? :)

You, how would you dress yourself in your second life? :)

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