Friday, September 28, 2012

Currently lying down on the side of the pool with a pineapple on my left hand and phone on my right. I couldn't wait any longer to share to you how my day's going, so I'm blogging while sunbathing. I swear this Blogger App is getting more and more useful everytime. 
It's my last Saturday in Davao and I'm spending it quite differently than how I normally do in Manila. Woke up early, bonded with my nephews, worked out and now soaking under the sun. It's only 2 pm and I accomplished a lot already! Talk about being productive. 

The bikini is from this rad online shop, Surania, that lets you customize your own swimwear.
From the style, to the fabric and even to the straps of your bandeau! Now tell me how can that not be cool?! You should definitely try it out.

Anyway, the sun's getting too hot. I better dip in the water or else I'll end up looking like a roasted pig. lol
 I hope your Saturday's going well!


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