Monday, September 24, 2012

Some of you may already have known about this but I was beyond fascinated after accidentally spotting Instagram on Jux's "add a photo" options. 

See when I post on walkwithcheys, I usually upload the file directly from a computer and never did I 
imagine grabbing from other social media sites was possible! Oh wonders of technology, I must say.

Another discovery is how to upload from Instagram to Jux. I just hashtagged #jux in the caption and it automatically appeared on walkwithcheys. 
Now talk about on-the-go photo blogging!
Call me behind for not knowing this earlier but I think this is YET my favorite feature.

Tried it out and made a slideshow showing my recent "InstaFood" shots and here's how the 
title page (don't know what else to call it) looks like:
You can view the rest of the slides HERE. Tell me what you think after okay! :)

Here are some famous InstaJuxers. Check their blogs and be inspired!
London ...

India ...

New York 



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