Monday, October 1, 2012

Jeggings: Mapleberry
Top: Forever21
Jacket: H&M
Sneaks: Keds  
Bracelet (lime & violet): Edge Co

Arrived in Manila today and headed straight to school.
 It's my first class for the 2nd semester and I couldn't be more excited about starting it right! Another 2 months worth of sleepless nights spent on sketching, drafting and painting, especially now that the subjects I got demand more time. Oh well, guess I will be pulling more all-nighter's this time! lol

Talking bout starting things right, I was inspired to come up with a "First Day of School" look. Something that's very different from what I usually wear. 
Borrowed my brother's varsity jacket and wore a pair of Keds with it. And rather than going for the regular jeans, I went for these red jeggings to complement the blue in the jacket.
But of course, a college look wouldn't be complete without a gigantic bag and this oversized Kate Moss  tote is just perfect! 
I hope you like my outfit today :)


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