Monday, November 12, 2012
There isn't any better word that describes how I am as a person.
Growing up pretty differently  than how others did is probably the only thing there is to blame.
I was one of the few who was blessed (yes I think of it that way) to have lived my first years in a place where playgrounds meant rivers, ponds and farm, playmates/toys meant dragonflies, leeches, water buffalos, horses and fishes while playtime meant being chased by bees and getting lost in the forest with cousins.
Childhood was slightly beyond normal, but it was remarkable nonetheless.
It molded me to somebody who thirst for adventures. A girl who sees every single day as an opportunity to take risks, earn new experiences and live life as if worries and problems had no room inside.

I'll never be able to put to words how blissful I am at this point in my life. Opportunities just keep on coming unstoppably and I was blessed to be chosen as Girl #3  for Ralph Lauren' Big Pony Fragrance line. Coincidentally, Girl #3's the free-spirited one and it feels surreal to be labeled as such. I can never be more grateful for this project well mainly because I feel very attached to it. It reminds me of my childhood and how I am as a person.
Someone who's unrestraint, loose and spontaneous.

Tell us your adventures. Show us your free-spirited side.
Just upload a photo (may it be a picture of yourself, an object, a postcar or anything related to adventures)  and you might be the lucky girl to win Ralph Lauren Fragrances contest! 
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