Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top: Topshop
Shoes: Forever 21
Studded Jacket: Vivilli
Nails by Coco Luca

The most awaited day of the week has finally come and though it's something to be happy of, I feel a tad bit heartbroken thinking how fast February is ending. Only 10 months left for 2013! Time flew so fast that I hardly realized March is coming in a few days! Oh well at least we get to look forward to summer, right? haha
I intended on waking up sometime around lunch today but the sun was shining oh so bright which made it hard to stay snuggled up in bed. The rays were strangely intense it penetrated through the 2-layered curtains, which I tell you seldom happens. 
With no other choice in hand, I got up and started my Sunday. Of course no better way to do so than to begin with an outfit post showing how to 'oomphify' (like my choice of words? haha) a casual sweatpants-tanktop ensemble by pairing it with statement heels! 

Hope you like it!
Happy Sunday, you guys :)

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