Monday, April 1, 2013

 Jeans: Marithe Francois Girbaud
Top: Soul
Bag & Necklace: SM Accessories

Photos by Aidx Paredes

I have always thought pants were sexy all the more if it's the right cut and fit. But often times looking for the perfect pair can be quite a task, especially the one that does not show our muffin tops a.k.a. love handles.
If you noticed I hardly post photos of me in jeans. Well it's not like I don't like it, but I just seem to find a hard time looking for the one that fits my shape. Luckily I was able to spot these skinnies from Girbaud that perfectly hugs my body and does not show my muffin top which is always my problem by the way. What's even better is that this pair costs lesser than their normal denims. Now talk about practicality and function! 

Yesterday I had dinner with Aidx and this is what I was wearing. I'm no Victoria's Secret model but I did had the guts to walk around high street in a hanging top (even I couldn't believe this) and I have the skinnies to thank to for making me look worthy of showing some skin. haha
Hope you like the look! :)


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