Monday, March 12, 2012

My favorite dress.

Alessa, Vern, moi & Kady. SHE IS TALL! haha

And we just had to pose! lol Couldnt help it.

I, together with the Vern, Alessa and Kady, judged a Senior's Grad Ball last Friday. 
It was something we all found hard (picked 8 out of 300 students who all looked adorable in their very own way to name "Angels of the Night") yet considered special in a way that it made us reminisce and hoped we could turn back time an relive High School. Oh I feel so old! 
Above are detail shots of some of the girls' dresses.
Which is your favorite? :)

Thank you So! Fab for bringing us back to HS, even just for a few hrs. haha! :D

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