Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shorts: H&M
Top: Random buy from Greenhills
Bag: Thrifted

When I'm not attending events or going out at night, people would often see me in denims, hobo & sling bags, beaded bracelets and flats. Yesterday, went to the gym and walked around Glorietta in my casual outfit. Grabbed my overused gray shorts, a tee and of course, my boho bag and accessories. 
Wore these Island Girl flats for the fourth time since I left Cebu for the shoot I did for the brand--that's about a week ago. It's currently my go-to flats. Comfortable and stylish. 

It  always feels good not having to ponder endlessly on what to wear.
 It is when normal days like this that we often undervalue, is highly appreciated :)

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