Sunday, April 8, 2012
Top: Romwe
Photos: Rap Meting

Simple-minimalist was never my kind of style. Tailored, bold cuts, fewer accessories, less prints, less color? I tried and failed. I
t’s the total opposite of what I adore—lively, busy, colorful and nonchalant. Boho, as what they usually call it.

But at times, I like to experiment and mix styles through adopting different elements in fashion. This ensemble for example. I opted for a simple-minimalist yet with a twisted look. Rather than going for the usual achromatic scheme, I went 180 by choosing highly saturated colors. It’s summer so might as well take advantage of the excuse to dress like crayons.
I adopted the “fewer accessories “ principle (surprisingly I was convinced to be under-accessorized) by actually wearing none but a fancy gold-chained bag. I then incorporated the “less prints” principle by wearing solids and a few animal prints to make-up for the lack of accessories.  

This ensemble looks no different from my usual, which normally is composed of 7-10 items including accessories. Would you have noticed I only used 4 in this outfit? Top, bottom, bag & platforms. The colors sure did the trick! Hope you like it! :)


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