Monday, April 23, 2012
Sun Bathing Kit haha
Stack 'em up!
Spotting dream catchers. Of course.
Took a while for me to find this!
Some alone tanning time in the balcony.

Surprisingly we were able to wake up early from Day 1's festivities. 
Day 2 started with breakfast at the hotel,  followed by an hour and a half tanning session by the pool, 
then an afternoon walk around the Island spotting dream catchers and anything interesting came after. 
Planned on going to the farther side of Boracay but had to go back to the room before 4 to get some more tan--in the balcony haha--and prepare for dinner and the Tattoo event. 
I will be doing a separate post about it soon.
Hope you're having a great day guys!  :)

By the way, can I ask a favor from you guys?
 Can you help vote for me? :)
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