Monday, April 30, 2012

Cross Fringe Top & Black Wedges: Wholesale-dress
Navy Blue Blazer: All dolled-up

The weather remained  unpredictable.
A few days ago, the sun was up in the sky gleaming with glow and today it was hidden beneath the gray dense clouds.
Uncertainty not only ran with the climate but it continued with the dilemma most of us face every single day---What to wear?

The very problem why I spend minutes to an hour deciding on a final outfit is the weather. Okay maybe it comes second after fickle-mindedness.  Did you ever have those days when you awoke to a sudden urge to dress like you were in London or Russia perhaps? Well I did. Countless times. But living in such tropical country makes thick suede coats, silk scarves, knee-high boots altogether look ridiculous. Don't you agree?
The closest we could get into dressing like such would only be determined by a divine gift given by the clouds above--the rain. Which also gives us the reason--more of excuse actually--to be in those types of clothes! HA-HA! But today prayers weren't answered. I had no choice but to throw in something I call safe. Safe in a sense that when the sun no longer is shy and decides to show its face, I could quickly be in something that wouldn't make me sweat like a pig. Easy. Outfit minus the suede blazer! Also I wore the wedge anticipating a little bit of side-walk-flood-action. Water and flats, based on experience, don't go well together.

Whew! That was one wordy post. hahaha I hope you are having a great night :)


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