Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feeling like a gymnast. lol
Native bracelets soon available in Stash.
Red beaded flats: Island Girl
Native accessories: Stash (soon)
Dress & Bag: Bazaar finds
White cuff & Black necklace: Mauve
Belt: Sultang
May 1, Labor Day, another holiday. But instead of staying home or strolling at the mall with friends,
 I spent the entire day babysitting my 4-y.o. nephew. Something most view as a duty but I consider a privilege.
Kids these days grow at a rapid pace. Next thing you know they're a year older. Then 2. Then 3. It goes on and on. 
Having to take care of them and witness their growth--physical & emotional--I think is a lifetime gift from the One above.

So already anticipating what the day would be like, I dressed in something light and breezy. An outfit in which I could easily move around. The oversized-button-down-turned-into-a-dress was the perfect choice! I wrapped a belt around it and Voila! Paired it with the red flats from Island Girl and threw in some native accessories and I was good to go! :)

I hope you like it :)
How was your day guys?


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