Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shorts: STASH
Turquoise Mala Necklace: Tiny Devotions
Sheer Vest | Bag | Wedges: SOUL
Knit Top: Romwe
photos by Rap Meting

I couldn't recall when exactly my love for Bohemian flourished but one thing I know in certain is my undying love for it. 
This outfit, composing of the Bohemian basics--crochet, turquoise, fringe and beads--is something anyone could wear. In fact to be honest, I arrived with such ensemble by just randomly picking the items! I was in a rush so pondering on how to put on an outfit systematically was not an option.
Dressing Boho is like having an excuse to pile on layers, colors and accessories.
So if you go through a hard time putting a look together, just stack all the items you love and tell your friends you feel Bohemian today. haha!

Hope you're having a great night guys! 
Missed talking to you all!


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