Wednesday, May 9, 2012
One of the greatest things I have yet received this 2012 is a project with Canon
It is a year-long campaign aiming to move people through fashion and photography.

Below are the photos you will be seeing soon in magazines and social media sites.IXUS 240 HS in pink--the Cheyser cam (as what others called it. lol)
The whole look was meant to be dreamy & Boho to go w/my personality.
We all represented different styles and I represented BOHO STREET w/a dainty touch.

IXUS envisions a bolder and more spirited youth. Moving them altogether through photography and of course, style. 
It is by far more than just a fashion camera!
So together with other bloggers, Kryz, Patricia, Lisa and David, we will all be inspiring
 and electrifying your year with the festivities Canon has in line for you! 

Looking at the photos still brings chills down my spine.
I was lucky (yes I still consider myself one)  to be an IXUS Ambassadors of Style and Substance.  
Thank you Canon Philippines

Photographed by Wesley Villarica
Styled by Carlos Concepcion
Make-up by Joyce Platon 
Hair by Rhoy Cervantes.

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