Sunday, May 13, 2012
(PETRA for TattAwards2012. Watch it to know more)

6 more days to go til the curtain closes!
Have you nominated friends / family members / enemies (kiddin')
 worth recognizing in any of the 10 categories below? 
With less than a week left, now is the time to write their names 
down on Globe Tattoo's site
This is open to all!
If you think you, yourself, suit perfectly in any
of the 10 categories, then go on! Feel free to vote for yourself!
Besides, there's no harm in trying. Is there?
Not only a prize of (100k/category) awaits you,
 but FAME too!

The One - the awesomest of them all
Stylisimo - chic-est virtual fashion vixen (girls, now's your time)
The Explorer the most pumped-up among travellers
Game Changer - the athlete who always scores
The Visulizer - the raddest amongst all photobloggers
#thought-mover - the #hashtag trendsetter
Video Slinger the god of all Vlogs
Indie Rocker - the know-it-all musician
The Advocate - the do-gooder of our country
Tech Junkie the most up-to-date junkie in the world of games, gadgets etc.

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