Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm dark! Too much sun exposure! lol
Aztec bodice: Motel Rocks 
Sheer Mullet Skirt: SOUL
Necklace: Mel's 
Stone bracelet: thrifted from a sidewalk vendor!
Black + Gold Bracelet: Quidnunc

Added spunk to the whole look by choosing an aztec printed bodice to be paired w/the sheer
fairy-like mullet from Soul's newest collection. Normally I would go for a brighter color, but I thought choosing saturated hues (my first choice was orange by the way) would
only add more--in a negative way--to my crayola collection, I mean obsession. 
So I went with the safest tone (one which I could easily pair w/anything) I found--beige.
I wanted to give emphasis to the bodice but it was heavily printed, so I thought going with the
off-white mullet was just the perfect choice! Plus it added a dreamy feel to the ensemble..which in my
world is an extra plus plus!
Sheer + messy hair + trees in the background = DREAMY

How do you like it guys? :)
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