Friday, June 1, 2012
 It's hard to let go of them but I have to. They don't fit me well :( 
 Size 6 Le Bunny Flats (retails at $60-80). They're too small for me.
(photos taken w/instagram @cheyzmeister)

The long wait is over, Bloggers United 3 is already happening in a few hours! 
Make sure to drop by tomorrow at the Grandview events place to meet your favorite bloggers, including me. haha!

If you're wondering if I will be selling, yes I am!  Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
Our booth (sharing w/Tracy & Tin) is near the stage. So come by and see you! :)

By the way, Canon will be giving away an IXUS cam and 4 lacoste shades tomorrow.
So be in your best IXUS-inspired outfit (see here for inspiration) and I, together with the other ambassadors Kryz, Patricia, Lissa & David, will be judgine & choosing the winner! 

Excited to see you all! :)


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