Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dress: BQueen
Shoes: So!Fab
Necklace: BinkyDoodles
Bag: F&X
Vest: Forever21

"How to present myself? What to wear?" asked half-awake Cheyser 5am yesterday. 

Normally it would take me 30 minutes to one hour to find "the" perfect outfit but it was the day of Bloggers United 
and I had to hurry up, pack the stuff I was selling and make up my mind about which clothes to wear.
I wanted something that would make people spot me easily in the bazaar. One that would make them say 
"Oh hey. That's very Cheyser."  So I had 2 choices: 1. Denim bodice x aztec skirt. 2. body con dress x denim vest. But as seen in the photos, I chose the latter :)
A decision which in 2 reasons I'm quite happy for. My readers spotted me. I presented myself successfully.

Sadly I didn't have the chance to take snapshots of the bazaar with my slr. People were rubbing elbows, literally. It was just impossible! But to those who dropped by, thank you very much! I enjoyed meeting and posing with you guys! :) 


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