Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shorts: STASH (4th collection coming out tomorrow)
Top: Romwe
Sunnies: Romwe
Bag: Gift from Mimi
Necklace: Binky Doodles
[This is what I wore today. Thanks Farrah for sitting on the floor just to take these! haha]

It's no mystery how much of a boho-junkie I am. I go crazy over anything colorful, floral, aztec and beaded. Basically anything with resemblance to the beach, sun and indigenous people!
 When I try to recall what started this obsession, the only thing that comes into my mind is Davao.
Yes my hometown. Why? Well there's the beach and then the over exposure to hand-made accessories which is abundant in the city.
  From woods, stones to beads, even brass, silver to copper! Too many to mention, I could only imagine you guys drowning in them when you come here!

It's the third day of my Davao vacation. Staying here for a few weeks before school starts. 
Why entitle the post such? Well first because I really am a Davao girl and second,  what I'm wearing shows how other girls most likely dress up here--chill but still posh. Okay maybe sometimes I go overboard than how they normally do. EXCESSorizing and wearing prints too much. Hehe! 

This post is one of my favorites. The ensemble shows who I really am, fashion-wise. 
Boho Chic. Forever Bohemian. 
Davao Girl Reprezzzent! Sorry I just had to use the Zs. lol

By the way, I'm releasing the 3rd collection of STASH tomorrow! 
The shorts is just one of them! See a photo of the rest HERE :) 
Hope you like it!


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